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About Us

I suppose the story of SR intimates really started in 2012, sitting my A-Levels and wondering what the hell I was going to do with my life. Like most, I didn’t enjoy school and the only two things that were keeping me there was art class and the chance that if I pass my exams, I could study outside of my little home town, that I’d become so bored of. 

Anyone that knew me at that point of my life could tell you I was a little more than obsessed with models, fashion magazines and drawing - so without a thought and never before using a sewing machine, I packed up my bags and moved to London to study Fashion and Textiles (still to this day, I have no idea how I got accepted). 

Starting university was a very nerve-wrecking experience for me. I had never been away from home for any longer than 3 weeks before. I had little social skills. I was one of the youngest in my class. And I had no experience - yup, none. I didn’t know how to turn on or work a sewing machine, I didn’t understand pattern cutting for the life of me and I didn’t get the dye to binder ratio in printed textiles. 

Within my first year of university, I can officially say - I was partied out. Don’t get me wrong, I was a uni student and that’s what we do, right? Well, into my second year of studying, a light switched on and I put my head down, determined to make this degree work for me… after all, it was £9,000 a year to go to university (don’t even get me started). 

The second year of my studies was a life changing time for me - I started work in a gorgeous little womenswear boutique in Chiswick, along side of uni. Although just your standard retail job, working here gave me a lot of confidence, I met some amazing people and my eyes opened on  how a business was ran. My manager put a lot of trust in me and I can honestly say, starting and building my own label would have been a hundred times harder if I didn’t have that experience. Looking back, I feel like life really started for me here - I had a great little part time to full time job, a gorgeous apartment just outside of London (gorgeous if you take away the costs of rent, I guess) and as a result of putting my head down in university, I was doing pretty darn well. 

Whilst juggling full time study, working 15-30 hours a week in retail, holding down a apartment and trying to squeeze in time for a little bit of a social life I managed to get a 2:1 in my degree! I have to admit, the day I handed in the last of coursework I walked home and cried my eyes out. This was it. My degree was over, now what? For the first time in years I had nothing to do and I felt very lost. I began applying for jobs and made it to a few interviews, which all of them asked the same question, “where did you internship?” Internship? It baffled my mind (and still does) that these people think young creatives can afford the money and time to go to full time education and live in London, one the highest costs cities to live in and then intern for free! After feeling quite defeated, I made the decision to move home - which, to be honest, felt like a massive step backwards for me.


Feeling down, lost and craving excitement and adventure, I decided to take a break for 3 months and headed to Thailand - because that’s what normal people do, right? I find travelling creates tranquility in your mind and brings new, exciting ideas to the forefront of your thoght process. In Thailand, I found a lot of things… my love for the ocean, the feel of a freeing life but most of all, the passion and determination within me.  


Once I returned, I still didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life but I knew it was going to be big. I had gained a lot of skills through university and I wanted to make something from that. Literally skint from travelling, I couldn’t afford any new clothes or luxuries, so I started sewing again, nothing special - just your basic bralettes, tops, etc that I had found on DIY websites. That christmas, my mum had bought me basic sewing equipment and lots of gorgeous laces that I just couldn’t wait to play around with. Finally, I knew what I wanted to do. I made up a few sets, uploaded them to my personal Facebook account and I couldn’t believe the response I got.  I saved up ALL my pay , sewed day into night and got an amazing team together for my first ever lingerie photoshoot - the photos were (and still are) amazing! Before I knew it, photographers, models, stylists were wanting my pieces for shoots with creatives I looked up to for years prior - not only that but I was getting orders worldwide.  


Two years on, life has had lots of downs but many more highs and a million reasons to be grateful. I won’t bore you with too much of the details of the in-betweens but 2017 was rough, so I stuck by my life motto - “when life gives you lemons, go to Thailand”. So off I went, for an entire 6 months - from swimming with wild sharks by ourselves, playing with Thai kids, flying to Australia with no return flight and about £500, landing a job in the Queensland outback with 12 people living in the town… the list goes on. I had the BEST experience, looking back it feels like a dream. 


This is when I closed my online shop. I knew I wanted to push my label, so I planned everyday how I would achieve it once I got home. I listened to what my customers had asked for, I researched my competitors, I planned what I would do day by day. I began thinking like a business pro and here I am, ready to kill shit! 


Enjoy shopping,

Sophie x